The Tallest Woman Ever - Zeng Jinlian of China

The tallest woman ever recorded in the history is Zeng Jinlian of China. Born in 1964, Zeng Jinlian reached the height of 2.49 meter or 8 feet 1.75 inch at her death in 1982. Died at the age of 17, she is the tallest female in history for whom there is irrefutable evidence.

Zeng Jinlian became the tallest woman ever recorded in medical history taking Jane Bunford's record. She is also the only female recorded in medical history who reached a verified eight feet or more height.

Zeng Jinlian was also the tallest person in the world in the year between the death of Don Koehler and her own. She had a severely deformed spine and for this reason she could not stand up straight. She weighed 290lbs when last measured.

Zeng Jinlian was affected by pituitary tumor and she had diabetes too. Doctors wanted to treat her by radiation and surgery but she refused as it would cost her hair. She had died due to diabetes and its complications.

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