Rare Blue Sun Phenomenon Photographed near Giza Pyramids

Here is a very rare photograph of a phenomenon known as a 'blue sun,' It is one of only a few ever documented occurrences of a blue sun. This one had occurred near the giant pyramids in Giza, Egypt on December 14th 2006.

According to CoastToCoastam.com, the other most recent widely accepted documentation of a blue sun had occurred way back in September 1950 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tom Hartlove, a friend of PyramidCam.com, a website that captures a live image of the pyramids every 30 seconds, had luckily saved this one. However, Tom had run across it again in his photo archives only last month and then sent it to an expert in atmospheric physics to examination. The experts reply had been:
"A very rare phenomenon known as a 'blue sun.' These have been observed from time to time around the world. The most recent widely accepted documentation of a blue sun occurred in September 1950 in Edinburgh, Scotland. A discussion of that event appears in Craig Bohren's book, 'Clouds in a Glass of Beer,' on page 91." 
But the cause of it turns out to be a rather simple explanation. Smoke in the atmosphere! Smoke from farmers burning brush between the camera location and the pyramids rises to camera level and is captured in the webcam of PyramidCam website, particularly in winter when farmers burn something called stubble in the fields in the Delta and around Cairo.

The Blue Moon Phenomenon

By the way, here is a photograph I found in Nasa website. This time it's a blue moon. Blue moons are also rare, but not as rare as a blue sun. They occur exactly once in every 2.7 years.

Blue Moon has nothing to do with the color. It is just another full moon. And there is nothing special about the color of the moon. It really is no different than any other full moon, except that an accident of the calendar causes it to be the second full moon in a month. Because it happens very rarely it has probably given birth to the English expression 'Once in a Blue Moon.'

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